Bosom Buddies

In English, the meaning of many words is found by examining the roots that are present in it. For example, the suffix -logy,  from the word logos, means “the study of.” And geo  refers to the earth. Geology, then is the study of the earth, or of earthly things.

A similar thing happens in Hebrew with root words, though because it is an image-oriented language, it works a little differently.

Let’s start with the root word chov, which means bosom. Chov is made up of two letters, chet, which can mean an inner chamber, and bet, which refers to the house, or what is inside. Therefore, chov, or bosom, means what is in the house. And because the house is a personal place (as opposed to the market place, or a field, or a mountain), it implies the personal things that are in the inner chamber.

In ancient times, the bosom referred to the top part of the garment that hung over the girdle or belt. It was here that men would put their precious possessions when they traveled, to keep them safe. Sometimes they even carried a small child there, for protection.

Also, when they reclined at the table for a communal meal, One man’s head would be in front of another man’s chest area, or in his bosom. If you were “in the bosom” of the host, that was the most honored place.

You may recall the phrase “Abraham’s bosom” from Scripture, a place of honor and safety and rest.

So bosom is a root word. One of the words it imparts meaning to is the Hebrew word for companion, or close friend: cha-ver’. This is what it looks like:

Literally, cha-ver’ is “a bosom person,” someone who is precious to you, someone you cherish and to whom you reveal your closest secrets. In times past, we would have called them our bosom buddy. Today, maybe our BFF.

Do you have a bosom buddy, a cha-ver’ – someone who is close to your heart, who is as dear to you as life itself? If so, you are indeed truly blessed.



Bosom Buddies — 5 Comments

  1. I have been so blessed since I found HIM (or HE found me)and have a few Bosom Buddies but it’s not often that someone like you crosses my path and then God uses that to bless me! I’m so glad that you ARE “my Susan”!!

  2. I love this Susan! I love how you are studying Hebrew and filling us all in on it :D You are for sure one of my bosom buddies. Love you!!

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