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Thursday evening we had our first “Let’s Faithbook” meeting, and I was thrilled at the response. Fifteen beautiful ladies spent the evening soaking in the Word and allowing the Living Water to wash away any barriers to creativity. There was laughter and tears and fun and friendship, and we are looking forward to meeting again this next Thursday. We’d love it if you could join us if you are in the Central Florida area — just contact me and let me know you’re coming!

Our topic on Thursday was the Living Water. Among other things, water does three things for us physically. It refreshes, cleanses, and purifies.

While it varies from person to person, and changes as we age, the human body is more than half water. But since we aren’t a “closed system,” we have to continually replenish our supply. When we need water, our body signals us by becoming thirsty. And drinking water refreshes us.

ColeusI remember when I first discovered Coleus plants. I loved their vibrant beautiful colors and got several for my front porch. I was aghast the next day when I came home from work and they looked completely dead, not just droopy, but wilted completely over. My friend said, “they need water!” And a few hours after watering them, they were back to their perky beauty. Amazing. Water certainly refreshes.

When we are dirty on the outside, like after a long morning of yard work, water cleanses us. When we have cut our finger or skinned our knee, water washes away what shouldn’t be there so we can dress the wound. It isn’t enough to just brush off the dirt, or cover it over with something clean – we need water to cleanse us.

And on the inside of us, it is water that dissolves the toxins that accumulate in our cells and organs, and helps the body eliminate them. It purifies us on the inside. In fact, water is known as the universal solvent because it dissolves more substances than anything else.

Physically, water refreshes, cleanses and purifies us.

And it does the same thing spiritually.


We know that Jesus is the Living Water. And Jesus is the Word. The Living Water, then, is also the Word. And we are refreshed, cleansed and purified by the Living Water, the Word.

Physically, if we don’t replenish the water our body needs, we suffer a condition known as dehydration. We may experience headache, dizziness, confusion, fatigue, weakness, and many other symptoms including, ultimately, death.

Just as we experience these physical symptoms from extreme lack of water, so we exhibit spiritual symptoms when we have a radical lack of the Living Water. Let’s look at just those few characteristics of dehydration and think about the spiritual application.

Headache – The pain of what is wrong on a physical level consumes our concentration and keeps us from doing the things we are called to do.

Confusion Р We are unable to think clearly, to make good decisions, to discern truth from error. We are easily swayed by the faulty logic of the world.

Dizziness – It is difficult to maintain our balance. It becomes easier to fall or get pushed down. We lose touch with absolute truth and our environment seems to spin out of control.

Fatigue – We are weary and easily overwhelmed. We give in easily to pressure. Being patient and kind takes way more effort that we can manage. We have no ability to persevere.

Weakness – it takes strength and stamina to resist evil, and even to flee from it. If we are weak, it is more likely that evil will triumph in our lives.

Death – Ultimately without water, we will physically die. Spiritually, sin is death, and without the washing and regeneration of the Word, the Living Water, we remain dead in our trespasses and sins.

It is reported that John Bunyan, author of The Pilgrim’s Progress, had this written inside the front cover of his Bible:

“Either sin will keep you from this Book,
or this Book will keep you from sin.”

How is your thirst level for the Living Water? Are your refreshed, cleansed, and purified, or are you experiencing the effects of dehydration? What, if anything, is keeping you from “this Book?”


Living Water — 2 Comments

  1. Great! I know the ladies will be blessed and therefore HE will be pleased! Missed you all last night but by the time we got back from the airport it was just too late and Pam was beat. So good to see her and know that I have her for two whole weeks! God IS good. Be blessed as you seek so you may bless others! Lois

    • Missed you, too. Glad Pam made it down safely — looking forward to seeing her again! Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment!

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