Really, Eve?

No doubt I had this same realization two years ago when I read the book for the first time, but it hit me afresh this week as I read the first chapters of Lysa TerKeurst’s book, “Made to Crave.” Food cravings are not a new thing. really-eve I understand that it wasn’t just the apple that was tempting, that there were many other factors at work as that scene played out. But it is interesting to me that what was forbidden was something to eat, and what Satan used as a temptation was that very same thing – food.

And Eve chose to trade the soul-satisfying intimacy of a love relationship with the Creator for… an apple? Really?

Satan hasn’t changed his tactics much, has he? He still holds food out as an enticement to lure us away from the true satisfaction our souls hunger and thirst for.

Don’t we need food to live, though? Yes. Absolutely.

And aren’t we supposed to enjoy it? Definitely.

But what we aren’t supposed to do is give it the power to dominate us. We aren’t supposed to turn to it to meet the needs of our soul, to soothe the broken areas in our hearts, to bring us life and peace. Because it can’t.

Only God can do those things, and when we turn to something else that we think will make us feel better than He can, we do exactly the same thing Eve did. We trade the Bread of Heaven and the Living Water that our souls must have to live for something less.

God made us to crave so He could satisfy us. Will you strain upward for Him like a hungry little birdie, or will you peck around in the bottom of the nest in hopes of finding a dead bug on your own? :-)


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